Joseph Smith - True or False Prophet?

About Me

I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. A few years ago I had the opportunity to work as a physician in Utah for a couple of years. During that time I got to know and made a number of LDS friends. Most of them seemed very interested in sharing their religious convictions with me, and as I had an interest in religion in general, and in religious history in particular, it wasn't very long before I found myself immersed in studying LDS beliefs and history.

Before long, it became apparent to me that the most important question for anybody who comes accross Mormonism is whether Joseph Smith Jr. was a true prophet or not. I was amazed by the rather striking contrast between LDS and non-LDS depictions of Joseph Smith. In addition, I found it interesting that most of my LDS friends were not aware (or were not willing to acknowledge it) of details from Joseph Smith's life that, to me, were crucial in answering the key question above.

Another motivating factor in this reseach was the unusually high number of patients suffering from depression I treated in Utah. I suspect one of the reasons 10.14 percent of Utahns experienced a depressive episode in the past year and 14.58 percent experienced serious psychological distress has it's roots in a belief system that stifles individual, rational thinking and presents an impossible ideal of perfection.

The opinions and ideas I present on this site are the result of these interactions and research. They are not in any way representative of my church's position on LDS doctrine or practice. I decided to make them public under this format with the hope they will be of help to those interested in examining the prophetic claim of LDS founder Joseph Smith Jr.

While I came to the conclusion that Joseph Smith was not a true prophet, I continue to have great respect for my LDS friends. I made every effort to avoid hurting anybody, while exposing my findings.

Finally, I do not promote any specific form of Christianity on this site. However, on the right-sided panel, there are links to other sites directing those recovering from Mormonism to various Christian ministries specialized in helping former LDS foster a personal relationship with their Savior.